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Cane Row Garden Center in Lafayette LA – Your Oasis of Happiness for Plants and Gardening

Welcome to Cane Row Nursery: Your Oasis of Green in Lafayette, LA

Are you in search of a Garden Center in Lafayette, LA, where each plant tells a story of Southern Louisiana’s lush beauty? Look no further. Cane Row Nursery is not just a garden center; it’s an invitation to transform your space into a vibrant, living masterpiece.

Cultivating Louisiana’s Essence: Our Native Plants Promise Lasting Beauty

In the heart of Lafayette, we grow more than plants; we nurture a connection to the land. At Cane Row, every plant is a testament to Louisiana’s native beauty, ensuring your garden flourishes in our unique Southern climate. These aren’t just plants; they’re storytellers of our bayous, prairies, and vibrant culture.

Small Yet Mighty: Your Personalized Plant Haven

We may be a small plant nursery, but don’t let size fool you. At Cane Row, small means personal. When you step into our garden center, you’re not just a customer; you’re family. With us, it’s not about selling plants; it’s about cultivating relationships—with you and with the land.

Expertise Grown Over Decades: Meet Our Founder, Bret Broussard

Meet Bret Broussard, the visionary behind Cane Row. With decades of horticultural experience, Bret is not just a nursery owner; he’s a plant whisperer, a landscape artist. His knowledge isn’t from books; it’s from the Louisiana soil. When you choose Cane Row Nursery and Landscaping, you choose expertise nurtured by the hands that have shaped Louisiana’s landscapes.

From Nursery to Landscape: Wholesaling Beauty Beyond Our Gates

While we are your personal garden sanctuary, we’re also the choice of professional landscapers. Cane Row Nursery supplies the green soul of South Louisiana to landscaping companies, ensuring that every garden they create is rooted in the authenticity of our native flora. Your garden deserves nothing less.

Explore Our Verdant Variety: More Than Just a Plant Nursery

At Cane Row Nursery & Landscaping, we’re not just about plants. We’re your tree nursery, shrub nursery, flower nursery—all in one. From vibrant blooms to stately trees, our collection mirrors the diversity of Southern Louisiana’s ecosystems. We’re also your source for vegetables, fertilizers, and all the supplies your garden needs to thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What makes native Louisiana plants special?

Our native plants are adapted to our climate, ensuring they thrive in Southern Louisiana’s unique conditions.

2. Why choose a small nursery over big box stores?

At Cane Row Garden Center, you get personal attention, expert advice, and plants with a story, not just a barcode.

3. How can Cane Row Nursery enhance my landscaping projects?

We provide wholesale services to landscaping companies, ensuring they bring the beauty of Louisiana to every project.

4. What’s Bret Broussard’s role in Cane Row Nursery?

Bret, the founder, infuses every aspect of Cane Row Nursery & Landscaping with his decades of horticultural expertise, ensuring our plants and advice are top-notch.

5. Do you only sell plants, or do you offer gardening supplies too?

From plants to fertilizers and gardening tools, Cane Row Garden Center in Lafayette LA is your one-stop-shop for all things green.

Conclusion: Your Green Haven Awaits at Cane Row Nursery

As you step into Cane Row Nursery, you’re not just entering a garden center; you’re entering a world where every leaf tells a tale of Louisiana’s beauty. Come, let’s create a masterpiece together. 🌿

Call to Action: Visit Us Today!

Ready to infuse your space with the charm of native Louisiana plants? Call 337-450-8854 or visit us at 1500 S. Bernard Rd, Broussard, LA 70518. Let the journey to your green haven begin.



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Experience the Cane Row difference—where exceptional plants, impeccable service, and unmatched expertise come together. Visit Cane Row Nursery and Landscaping today and unlock the true potential of your outdoor space. Your dream garden awaits!

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